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140 Aurora Squadron cadets participate in many events during the training year.

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Annual Ceremonial Review - Practice and Parade

Awards Banquet

Aurora Street Festival

Polo for Heart

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Important Message to All!

24 May 18 - Band practice, Level 4 testing at Armoury 1830 hrs - 2000 hrs.

 25 May 18 -- Annual Set Up, Band Practice at Aurora Community Centre  from 1830 hrs to 2030 hrs.  Band and Parade Positions only.

 26 May 18 -- Annual Ceremonial Review at the Aurora Community Centre.  0830 hrs arrival for Seniors  and 0900 hrs for the rest of the Squadron.  Come in civilian clothing  with all of your uniform (wedge, blue shirt, tunic, belt, trousers,  socks and boots, with slip ons and name tag or medal if applicable) in a  bag (preferably a suit bag with your name on it).  Every year uniform  parts go missing, so please make sure you have all of the components  when you arrive and when you leave.

You will have lunch at 1100 hrs (provided by the SSC) and will change into your uniform at approximately 1145 hrs.

Parade begins with march on at 1245 hrs until approximately 1430 hrs. 


 A reception will follow.  All cadets are expected to remain for the  reception and to stay in uniform until told to change.  After changing,  cadets are to return to help clean up.  

Dismissal will occur at approximately 1530 hrs.

 Get your haircuts, remove nail polish, gel hair, and make sure your  uniform is perfect.  This is your last parade of the year.  Let's show  the community what we're made of!  #140proud


The Squadron Sponsoring Committee is responsible for fundraising for the operations of the Squadron.

Fundscrip:  New forms will be available shortly.  Please consider participating in this fundraising venture.  Christmas is coming and gift cards are always welcome!

Lottery ticket stubs must be returned ASAP. If you haven't picked up a book of tickets, you must do that ASAP to be considered for optional activities for the remainder of the year. Enjoy Gliding? Proceeds from those tickets go to maintain the tow plane and glider fleet.