Current Announcements -- Includes OPOs, WROs, Sign Ups and Special Announcements

140 Aurora Squadron cadets participate in many events during the training year.


Attention, cadets leaving for summer training this week:  

Itineraries  were sent to all of you on 22 Jun 18, along with the Joining  Instructions for the Cadet Training Centre you will be attending.


Cadets going to Blackdown will need to get there via personal vehicle.   Arrival at Blackdown is expected no earlier than 1000 hrs and no later  than 1400 hrs on 8 Jul 18.

All cadets who are being bused, will leave from the Ray Twinney Arena in Newmarket, 100 Eagle Street (West of Yonge) on 8 Jul 18.  Please arrive at least 45 minutes before departure times.  

Departure times for the following CTCs:
Trenton - 1357 hrs
Canadore  - 1334 hrs
Connaught - 1051 hrs

Please note the following:
- Dress for travel is summer dress.  Wedge, blue shirt, trousers, belt and boots.  Leave your slip ons and name tags at home.
- Health Cards are MANDATORY.  If you don't have it, you won't be going on the bus.  Copies are NOT acceptable.
- The Cadet Transportation form is MANDATORY.  This form is found in the Joining Instructions. 

- The Offer of Participation is MANDATORY.  If you can't find it, you MUST notify CI G. Waller at IMMEDIATELY.
- Check the Kit List in the Joining Instructions you were sent, to make sure you have all required items from the Kit List.
- Contrary to what the Joining Instructions may say, summer training "uniform" items are NOT issued at the Squadron.

Captain D'Aguiar and CIs Waller will be at the departure point on 8 Jul 18 at the various departure times.

Again, questions?  Contact CI G. Waller


The Squadron Sponsoring Committee is responsible for fundraising for the operations of the Squadron.

Fundscrip:  New forms will be available shortly.  Please consider participating in this fundraising venture.  Christmas is coming and gift cards are always welcome!

Lottery ticket stubs must be returned ASAP. If you haven't picked up a book of tickets, you must do that ASAP to be considered for optional activities for the remainder of the year. Enjoy Gliding? Proceeds from those tickets go to maintain the tow plane and glider fleet.