Fundraiser! See information under Announcements.


Current Announcements -- Includes OPOs, WROs, Sign Ups and Special Announcements


 140 Aurora Squadron has officially Stood down for the summer.  


Summer Training

Cadets who have been selected for summer training will be sent their travel itineraries directly once we have received them.  Please make sure CI Waller has your e-mail address by contacting her at

Cadets who are on standby -- please remain ready to go.  If you are no longer available, please contact CI Waller.

Joining Instructions and other information are available on our Google drive.



Cadets cannot access our Google drive if they have recently used their  school e-mail.  It is not a problem on our end -- the school board won't allow it, presumably for security reasons.

Access is open to anyone with the link.

Do NOT request access on the form. Before accessing our Google drive, cadets must clear their device's cache or use a private browser.

Weekly Routine Orders will continue in September.

Questions?  Contact CI G. Waller




 New Fundraiser!

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) is responsible for fundraising for the operations of the Squadron.


Fundraising Opportunity!

The warmer weather is almost here and  that means it’s time to dust off those grills! (when it decides to stop  raining).  It’s BAR-B-Q season and the perfect time to kick off our  last fundraising campaign!

In an effort to raise funds for the  140 Air Cadet Squadron,  we will be participating in the North Country  Meats “Centre-of-the-Plate” fundraising program.  

Instead of trekking across town to the butcher shop or standing in line  at the crowded local grocery store, suggest to all your friends, family  and neighbors that they rely on you for all of their BAR-B-Q favorites!   We’ll be supplying the same delicious products that are served today  by major hotels, restaurants and many food service industries throughout  Canada! 

Here is the link to find all you need to get started:…/1oM_9K-iOg9TXeaRdZ4Wj47-acmuTJCy…

·  Customer Order Form - where you can list all your orders by person ordering
·  Sellers Order Form - a summary of your total order
·  Product Information

Please contact Carmen Simpson at or  647-230-3546 for details about submitting your order no later than  Sunday June 16th.   Our orders will be ready for pick up on Thursday  June 20th at 7:30 pm in the parking lot of Cardinal Carter Catholic High  School.   

The North Country Meats Centre-of-the-Plate program  provides generous margins for its fundraising partners.  Given the time  of the year and the nature of this fundraising campaign, our efforts  will surely be rewarded.  However, with that said, here are some simple  rules to live by:

•  Strike now while the iron is hot! We only have 2 weeks of selling!
•  Leave no stone unturned!
•  Be prepared to go the whole nine yards!
•  We’ve all got to give 110%

Tag  Days are the Squadron's main fundraiser.  Cadets sell tags in front of  local Aurora businesses.  Cadets must sign up for at least 3 (three)  shifts.  Parents are asked to assist by volunteering to drive the cadets  to their posts.  

Lottery  ticket sales are a big portion of fundraising for the Squadron.  Each  cadet must sell at least one book of 12 tickets for $60.  Books must be  paid for in advance and can be obtained from any SSC member. Lottery  ticket stubs must be returned once the tickets are sold. Enjoy Gliding?  Proceeds from those tickets go to maintain the tow plane and glider  fleet.  

A $70 assessment fee must be paid on enrollment and annually.  

Other  fundraising activities may be conducted during the year.  Please  participate wherever you can.  Our Squadron's financial health depends  on it.