Current Announcements -- Includes OPOs, WROs, Sign Ups and Special Announcements

140 Aurora Squadron cadets participate in many events during the training year.


IMPORTANT -   Wear your civvies tonight, 19 Feb 19,  for a $2 donation to Welcoming Arms.

We are now using to send e-mails or texts to all who sign up, with weekly announcements.  You will need to sign up using the link in this document.  We hope all will sign up as we think this will be a great addition to our communication stream.

Please see the Events Calendar tab for all events this year.  Please note those that are mandatory, and ensure you note these on your home calendars to avoid conflicts.

 Weekly Routine Orders

Operations Orders 

Sign Ups

Video Dance Party


The deadline for application was 31 Jan 19.  Capt D'Aguiar and staff will be reviewing all of the applications.  Offers will be made once the review is complete.

All cadets must read and be familiar with the Terms of Reference and Squadron Standing Orders, found under the Training tab.

Questions?  Contact CI G. Waller




The Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) is responsible for fundraising for the operations of the Squadron.

Tag  Days are the Squadron's main fundraiser.  Cadets sell tags in front of  local Aurora businesses.  Cadets must sign up for at least 3 (three)  shifts.  Parents are asked to assist by volunteering to drive the cadets  to their posts.  

Lottery  ticket sales are a big portion of fundraising for the Squadron.  Each  cadet must sell at least one book of 12 tickets for $60.  Books must be  paid for in advance and can be obtained from any SSC member. Lottery  ticket stubs must be returned once the tickets are sold. Enjoy Gliding?  Proceeds from those tickets go to maintain the tow plane and glider  fleet.  

A $70 assessment fee must be paid on enrolment and annually.  

Other  fundraising activities may be conducted during the year.  Please  participate wherever you can.  Our Squadron's financial health depends  on it.