Weekly Training

Mandatory Training


  • 140 Aurora Squadron parades (meets) weekly on Tuesdays during the school year, from 1830 hrs (6:30 pm) to 2130 hrs (9:30 pm) at Cardinal Carter Catholic School on Bloomington Sideroad in Aurora.
  • ​There are 5 levels of training in the cadet program.  Cadets progress through the levels on a yearly basis.
  • ​Training focuses on community involvement and good citizenship, drill,  survival training, aviation-related topics and leadership, among others.  Weekly attendance is mandatory, and a minimum of 60% average attendance is required in order to pass one's level.

Summer Training

Once our training year is done, summer training starts.

​Cadets are eligible to apply for summer training courses ranging from General Training for Level 1 to survival training, fitness and sports training, drill and ceremonial training as well as aviation courses, both at basic and advanced levels.  Band/Music courses are also available.  

National courses like Glider and Power Pilot Scholarships, Advanced Aviation Technology courses, Advanced Aerospace, and International Cadet Exchange, are available for cadets who hold a high standard as a cadet and are chosen based on a number of factors.

National Courses

  • The application process is now closed.
  • Further information on course descriptions, prerequisites, information required and the 2018 Air Cadet League National Course Handbook, is here.
  • Please contact CI Tsapoitis at sophia.tsapoitis@gmail.com for clarification or further information.
  • All National Course applications have now been submitted.  Staff will monitor and will notify cadets as acceptances come in.

Regional Courses

  • Application for Regional Courses will is now open.  You can access the application form here.
  • Each cadet may apply for three courses.  Please prioritize as choice 1, 2 and 3.
  • Please ensure you meet the requirements for each course for which you are applying.
  • The 2018 Course Pamphlet is here.    Please note 140 Aurora normally is allocated the first intake.

Optional Training


  • In addition to weekly training on Tuesdays, 140 Aurora Squadron offers optional training on Thursdays.
  • Cadets may join the Band, participate in Biathlon and Marksmanship Training or Flag Party practice.
  • More information on optional training for the 2017-2018 training year will be available shortly.

Late Joiner Policy (pdf)


Air Cadet Dress Instructions 55-04 (pdf)


Illustrated Numbered Orders of Dress (pdf)


Conduct and Discipline - Cadets 15-22 (pdf)


Wearing A Poppy (pdf)


140 Aurora Terms of Reference- 2015 (pdf)


140 Sqn - Standing Orders 2015 (pdf)


cato55_04_annex_d (pdf)


cato55_04_annex_f (pdf)