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Join Us as a Cadet

Congratulations on choosing to join 140 Aurora Squadron.  The Squadron has nearly 30 years of successful training for hundreds of young men and women.  We're looking forward to welcoming you.

Application Package  Please download the application package and print, complete and sign.  Bring it, and a copy of the recruit's health card and passport or birth certificate, to the next training night.  Training Nights are normally held from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School, 210 Bloomington Sideroad, Aurora.

Registration is still open!

140 Aurora Squadron accepts new recruits throughout the year. 


Cadets are required to sell a book of Air Cadet League lottery tickets, which must be prepaid at $60 a book.  In addition, the Squadron also charges an Assessment Fee of $70.  This money goes back to the Air Cadet League.

Training covers a whole range of subjects, including citizenship, aviation, sports, marksmanship and so much more.  

Weekly optional training on Thursdays includes Band, marksmanship, biathlon, drill team and more.  For cadets who will be 16 before 1 September 2020, Ground School is an option, where cadets will receive instruction from a certified pilot in preparation for application for the Glider Pilot Scholarship or the Power Pilot Scholarship.  Younger cadets may also be eligible to attend Ground School, but won't be able to apply until they are old enough.

That doesn't include events like Gliding, Field Training Exercises and other events.  In the past we have visited Hamilton Warplane Museum, Billy Bishop Airport, and have travelled to Marine Corps Recruiting Base Parris Island, Washington and more.Here are some videos on the Air Cadet program.  Click on the link:

 CTV Toronto

Rick Mercer

Col Hadfield

Join Us as a 140 Aurora Squadron Staff Member

Be a Part of the Best Youth Program in Canada

140 Aurora Squadron is always on the lookout for new staff.  If you are interested, there are paths you can follow.

Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC)


Officers of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) are members of the Canadian Forces Reserve working as part of the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service (COATS) whose primary duty is the supervision, administration and training of youth from 12–19 years of age who are members of the Royal Canadian Sea, Army and Air Cadets in more than 1,100 corps and squadrons across Canada.

During the summer months, full-time summer employment opportunities also exist for CIC officers who may wish to work at any of the 22 Cadet Training Centres (CTCs) located throughout Canada. 

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Civilian Instructor (CI)/Civilian Volunteer (CV)

Civilian Instructors (CIs) must meet some basic prerequisites in order to become a paid member of a corps / squadron and they are as follows:

  • Be of good character and standing within the community.
  • Shall successfully complete the Reliability Status Check (RS) as well as the Police Records Check (PRC)/Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) process. (These documents are mandatory and necessary as you will be working with youth).
  • Shall be at least 18 years of age.
  • Possess knowledge or instructional ability deemed valuable to the cadet organization by the Commanding Officer (CO) of the corps / squadron, Cadet Summer Training Centre (CSTC) or Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU).
  • Not be a member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).  (former members of the CAF having been released under Items 3 (b), 2 (a), 4 (b), 4 (c), 5 (a), 5 (b), 5 (c) or 5 (e) may be approved by the RCSU CO.)
  • Not be a member of a Cadet Organization.
  • Be a Canadian citizen.  A citizen of another country who is a permanent resident of Canada may be considered with proper approval.

Contact us at if you'd like to explore this opportunity.

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