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Uniforms at 140 Aurora Squadron are provided free of charge.   Cadets may wear their uniform once they have been sworn in, approximately 4 weeks after they join.  Cadets must maintain their uniforms and exchange them when they are outgrown, or return them when they leave the Squadron.

Any uniform parts being replaced must be brought to Supply clean, pressed, and on a hanger.  


4 Vata Court, Unit 16, Aurora, Ontario L4G 4B6 Canada

(905) 727-4692


By appointment only.  Supply Night is Sunday night from 1900 hrs to 2100 hrs.

Notices of cancellation will be in the Weekly Routine Orders.

Requests for appointment should be made by the cadet.  This is an important first step in teaching them responsibility for their uniform.


cato55_04_annex_d Badges (pdf)


cato55_04_annex_f Illustrated References Including How to Lace Boots and How to Tie a Tie (pdf)


Uniform Instructions One Pager (pdf)